Moms and Mentors are empowered by the belief in themselves as capable and loving parents, who strive to provide a nurturing life for all children. Moms and mentors are resourceful to each other, enjoying the good times while building strength and support for the troubled times. Building connections between moms, mentors and others are the ties that bind a caring community. Moms and Mentors believe that young parents and their families deserve respect and friendship, access to parent information and opportunities to build confidence as young parents.

Goals – Guidance, Advocacy and Support

Moms and Mentors seek to establish and maintain trusting relationships with young parents to share knowledge and experience around positive parenting practices. Moms and Mentors aim to build confidence in young parents by providing opportunities to participate in social gatherings with other families and practice positive parenting skills.

Moms and Mentors aim to create a supportive and accepting environment whereby parents have opportunities to share a mutual interest in children and promote self-esteem for themselves and their families.

Moms and Mentors strengthen acceptance for young parents through a process of bridging connections with members of the community including students, teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, business, church and political representatives. Moms and Mentors strive to break down social barriers and ‘build up’ relationships by engaging in guidance, advocacy and support for the challenges of young parenting.


  1. To promote nurturing family environments, matching young moms with mentors and providing opportunities for participation in parent discussion and activity groups.
  2. To encourage young parents pursuit of their individual goals, developing confidence and independence.
  3. To provide friendship and guidance that is non-judgemental, culturally and socially sensitive.
  4. To promote current public health information related to wellness, healthy lifestyle and positive parenting practices.
  5. To promote prenatal and parent education programs in the community.
  6. To promote awareness of Moms and Mentors, informing other community members about the program.
  7. To recruit and train women as mentors to assist young families with the challenges of parenting.

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