Program Description

Program Description

Moms and Mentors Society is a community based grassroots organization committed to maintaining supportive and trusting relationships with young moms, enhancing positive parenting practices, promoting healthy children and families.

Moms and Mentors Society advocates for young families through seeking funds to facilitate at scholarship program, recruits and trains mentors, and promotes mom mentor relationships which are non-judgemental, culturally and socially sensitive to young moms and their families.   

Mentor training sessions which take place annually are open to the public and promoted in the media, and at no charge to the community. Pacific Centres donates the Early Years Space at Wale Road and the mentor training sessions are conducted by the Moms and Mentors’ professional mentors, as well as others with expertise in health and wellness. Volunteers who have completed Moms and Mentors’ Society mentor training, and comply with Moms and Mentors policies as well as with Pacific Centre volunteer policies, are eligible to volunteer at the weekly Circle at Pacific Centre Family Services Association on Wale Road in the Westshore Community.

Some of our Moms and Mentors Society activities include:

  • Promoting awareness of Moms and Mentors activities, resources, and opportunities through a website, private group face book, and telephone contact
  • Conducting community visits with other service clubs, key agencies ie. VGH, Social Services, Belmont School, West Shore Adult Learning
  • Addressing food insecurity through collaboration with Colwood Community Garden Society, as well as volunteer Lois who donates eggs and vegetables for Saturday Soup at the Circle.
  • Noon lunches
  • Preparing food with moms and mentors ie. sandwiches, pizza, pasta, macaroni, yogurt & fruit,  cheese/crackers, muffins, grilled cheese, veg & dip with egg, tuna, chicken etc. sandwiches, homemade fahitas and soup.  Delicious bread is donated by Cobbs’ Bakery
  • Promoting educational and career advancement by seeking funding support for scholarships, and encouragement for goal setting.
  • Hosting mentor training for providing mentor support to young moms and their families.
  • Organizing volunteer child minders so moms can have a chance to connect with other moms and with mentors
  • Promoting special events and family activities
  • Working to secure bus passes via local Transit & or Pacific Centre
  • Purchasing supplies ie. beads, making bracelets and selling them by donation
  • Managing a child and parent library at Pacific Centre Early Years Space
  • Hosting an appreciation event for volunteer mentors and moms
  • Hosting a Wellness Event
  • Recycle computers for donation to families

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